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Support Lake Beauty Bible Camp as we continue to be
"a place set apart where the heart, mind, body and soul of every guest encounter the living God".

I have learned that you inherit your spouse's belongings when you marry. When Jenna and I wed and moved in together, I discovered about a half dozen shoeboxes that came with her. Each shoe box had a year written, and she placed various mementos from that particular year in the box. It could have been a ticket stub to a concert she attended with friends or, as we began dating, a note I had written to her. Each box was a way for her to step back in time and relive a special moment or event. 


In my five years of working at Lake Beauty, I have learned that many people would have attempted to keep the whole camp for themselves if it could be placed in a shoebox! This place is special. From the iconic bell 'dinging' at the top of the chapel hill, to the "A" frame beside the peaceful lake, and to the many chants, laughs, and songs accompanying a rendition of "Pharaoh, Pharaoh." All the stories I have heard from so many people draw me to keep attempting to provide a high-quality Christian camp experience for all who walk on the property. 


I look back at the 60 years of ministry, which drives me to look forward to the future. I was humbled as I saw thousands of campers, families, and guests attend Lake Beauty Bible Camp over the past year. I could not believe the generous amount people continually give to camper scholarships (we had somebody donate $4,500, bidding on a bouldering rock shaped like a behind!) I am awed by the letters from people who fervently pray for Lake Beauty, the staff, and the decisions made.


Lake Beauty is not just a place to look back on with fond memories; we strive to look forward continually. This world needs a place set apart, 'where the heart, mind, body, and soul of every guest can encounter the living God." Lake Beauty has been and will continue to be, that place. 


As we near the end of 2023, I invite you to join me in the Looking Forward/Giving Back Campaign. We hope to raise $75,000 by the year's end, enabling Lake Beauty to continue fulfilling that vision. 


Your gifts help us create those memories and experiences and leave a lasting legacy."


Phil Tolbert

Executive Director, Lake Beauty Bible Camp

Help us reach our goal of raising $75,000 by the year's end!

Other ways to donate:

Call our office to make a donation over the phone at (320) 732-3218.

Write a check and mail it to our office with Looking Forward in the memo line.

​               Lake Beauty Bible Camp
               25766 Hummingbird Trail
               Long Prairie, MN 56347

A tax-deductible receipt letter will be mailed to you once your gift is posted.  

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