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Food Service Manager: Full-Time; Salary.

Click Here for Job Description.

Email Grant Wennerberg, Camp Director, if you have any questions.

Bookkeeper: Part-Time; Hourly

Click Here for Job Description

Email Grant Wennerberg, Camp Director, if you have any questions. 


1. Take a look at our job openings and descriptions.

2. Fill out our Full-Time Staff Application 

3. Send this reference form to your references.

• You need two references: at least one from a pastor/spiritual mentor. References should have current or recent regular contact with you.

• Family members or current Lake Beauty staff members may not be used as references.

You are responsible for sending the referral link to your reference(s), following up with them, and communicating with us regarding their status. Your application will not be considered complete until all forms are submitted.

4. We will call you to schedule the interview(s). Please have available dates and times ready. You will typically have two interviews.

5. After the interview(s), we will notify you of our decision within 1-2 weeks.

If you have questions about the staff hiring process, please email us at or call 320-732-3218.

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