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Meet the Lake Beauty Bible Camp year-round staff, a committed team of individuals who are passionate about proclaiming Jesus and reflecting his love to all of the guests who have to opportunity to experience God at LBBC.


Phil Tolbert - Executive Director

Phil joined the LBBC staff in 2019 as the Program Director and transitioned to his role as Executive Director in 2023. He is passionate about connecting with pastors, churches, guests, and campers about how camping ministry has brought them closer to God. Phil is a graduate of North Park Seminary and an ordained minister in the ECC. In his free time, Phil enjoys running, playing guitar, and reading biographies of the US presidents. Phil and his wife, Jenna, are parents to the three "police officers" of LBBC. 


Grant Wennerberg - Camp Director

Grant joined the LBBC staff in 2021 as co-director of Solid Rock, Lake Beauty's gap-year program, and began his new role as Camp Director in the fall of 2023. He is passionate about working alongside staff members at Lake Beauty to brainstorm how we can continue to make a better camp. Grant is a recent graduate from Bethel Seminary. In his free time, you can find Grant camping, cooking, and gardening. Grant and his wife, Teirrah, have one daughter.


Hunter Peterson - Food Service Manager

Hunter joined Lake Beauty staff in the winter of 2023. As Food Service Manager, he loves to plan menus and experiment with new recipes. Hunter has a degree in English and enjoys reading, writing, and drawing. His wife, Mariah, also works at LBBC and together they have a dog and a cat. 


Moriah Ripplinger - Guest Services Director

Moriah began her role as Guest Services Director in the winter of 2024. Moriah is most excited that she gets to help guests have a great experience in the outdoors all while connecting with God. In her free time, you can find Moriah camping, downhill skiing, or simply spending time outside with friends and family. Moriah is married to her best friend, Paul, and together they have a Golden Retriever and are expecting their first baby due this July.


Teirrah Wennerberg - Discipleship Director

Teirrah joined the LBBC staff in summer of 2021 as the co-director of Solid Rock, Lake Beauty's discipleship program. She recently transitioned to her role as the Discipleship Director and is most passionate about helping staff, guests, and campers go deeper in their walk with Jesus Christ. Teirrah enjoys sipping on a good cup of coffee, playing music on the piano, and going camping with her family. Teirrah and her husband, Grant, have one daughter. 


Jodi Bertrand - Program Director

Jodi began her role as Program Director in the spring of 2023. She is responsible for overseeing LBBC programs including summer camp and retreats. Jodi loves ministering to young adults and working alongside of them to implement a great summer camp. Jodi is a graduate of the University of Northwestern in St. Paul with a degree in pastoral ministry. She enjoys playing hockey, doing puzzles, and watching musicals. 


Josh Kampa - Properties Manager

Josh began working at Lake Beauty in the summer of 2023 and recently transitioned to the role of Properties Manager. The things Josh most loves about his job is being outside and having a variety of things to do. In his free time, you can find Josh practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, hunting, and camping. Josh is married to his wife, Hannah, and recently welcomed their first child, Ezra, into the world.


Ben Smith - Bookkeeper / Properties

Ben began working at LBBC fall of 2023 and splits his time between bookkeeping and properties. Ben is passionate about being in a supporting role and helping set the stage for the ministry of LBBC. In his free time, Ben enjoys sports, biking, and weight lifting. 


Jenna Tolbert - Retail Manager

Jenna and her family moved to Lake Beauty in the winter of 2019 but she more recently began her position as the Retail Manager in 2022. She loves that she gets to provide items that can spark conversations about guests' time at LBBC. In her free time, you can find Jenna baking, crafting, and traveling to new places. Jenna and her husband, Phil, have three boys who love to help out around camp. 


Josh Miller - Food Service Associate

Josh first worked at LBBC on summer staff in 2021. He began his position as the Food Service Associate in the fall of 2023. Josh loves to bring smiles to peoples' faces and believes food is a great way to do that. Prior to working at Lake Beauty, he worked at two other Bible camps in Minnesota. Josh enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, and video games. 


Mariah Peterson - Housekeeper

Mariah began working as a housekeeper at Lake Beauty in the winter of 2024. She loves being organized and keeping things clean so guests can enjoy themselves and connect with God while at Lake Beauty. In her free time, you can find Mariah reading, painting, or baking. Mariah and her husband, Hunter, enjoy going on long walks with their dog or reading by the fireplace with their cat. 


Julie Matheson - Guest Services Associate

Julie began working as the Guest Services Associate in the summer of 2022. She enjoys building relationships with new and returning guests at Lake Beauty, especially when she gets to hear their stories. Julie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, working in her flower gardens, scrapbooking and quilting. Julie and her husband Judd also take pleasure in photography, nature walks, and being entertained by their two cats.


Paul Ripplinger - Properties Associate

Paul began working as the Properties Associate in the winter of 2024. Paul is a gifted craftsman and enjoys that he can use those skills to serve God at camp. He also enjoys the diversity of his job, whether is trimming trees or brewing coffee. Each day keeps him on his toes. Paul loves to spend time outside with friends and family. He also enjoys hunting and fishing. Paul is married to his best friend, Moriah, and together they have a Golden Retriever and a baby on the way. 


Thor Anderson - Ministry Staff

Thor is on Ministry Staff for the 2023/2024 Retreat and Summer season. Prior to Ministry Staff, Thor worked on Summer Staff for many years serving in a variety of roles. Thor loves that he gets to help plan, prepare, and carry out summer camp. Thor is a recent graduate of Boyce College and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In his free time, you can find Thor reading, spending time outdoors, and cheering for the Minnesota Vikings and Michigan Wolverines. 


Sam Haverinen - Ministry Staff

Sam is on Ministry Staff for the 2023/2024 Retreat and Summer season. Sam has spent the past couple of summers serving as the worship leader and as the LIT leader. She loves working at camp and getting to be a part of many different facets of camp. She most enjoys building relationships with campers, guests, and other staff. Sam will soon be a college graduate with a degree in Social Work. In her free time, Sam enjoys listening to, playing, and writing music. She also enjoys a good cup of coffee and hanging out with her cat. 

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