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Pine Ridge Chapel

The Pine Ridge Chapel has been a staple at LBBC for many years. The building is perched on a gradual hill and overlooks most of main camp. Our chapel seats 50-250 and works well for large group gatherings. Features include movable seating, carpeted floors, a front stage, full sound system options, digital projector, and A/C.

Lake View South

Lakeview South functions as Lake Beauty's multi-purpose room. This versatile meeting space seats up to 250 people; perfect for large, medium, and small groups! Features of Lakeview South include moveable seating, round or rectangle tables, sound system options,  A/C, countertop space with a sink, and large windows for beautiful views of the sunrise over Lake Beauty. Additionally, the building is connected to our Dining Hall, allowing for convenient passage between spaces.

Eagle Ridge Rec Center

The Eagle Ridge Rec Center is Lake Beauty's Gymnasium. This large space can host a variety of different activities such as basketball, pickleball, volleyball, carpetball, nine-square, and dodgeball. It also works for large group gatherings, with seating options from 200 to 500. Features include a knotty-pine interior, front stage, sound system options, and A/C.

Edlund Fireside Lounge

Warm up in the cozy Edlund Fireside Lounge. This space is located on the main floor of the Edlund Retreat Center. Overlooking Lake Beauty, the lounge features a gas fireplace and seating for 15-30. It's a perfect meeting place for breakouts and small groups staying in Edlund.

Edlund Lower Lounge

The Edlund Lower Lounge is a meeting space that seats 15-30. Located on the lower level of the Edlund Retreat Center, the lounge contains a variety of furniture and a full size fridge and freezer unit. A back door provides quick access to benches and a fire pit behind Edlund. 

Loon Lodge Living Room

The Loon living room is located on the upper level of Loon Lodge, overlooking Lake Beauty. This comfy living room works well as a gathering space for small groups staying in Loon Lodge. Seats 10-20 and contains a small TV.

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