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Summer 2023 Question: Who Am I? 

Picture This

See The Transformation

1 Peter 1

Did you ever have family photos on your wall? Or in a photo album? My mother made me a photo scrapbook for my high school graduation, filled with memories throughout my childhood. I look back at those and see the physical change in my life. We change and transform as we get older, both physically and spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Our walk with God should always change as we grow closer in relationship with him and more like him. If we are to answer the question, “Who Am I?” it should begin with the fact that we are God’s precious beings, almost like a photo to be cherished.


This summer, we are embarking on a passage within 1 Peter describing how we live transformed lives. We are to be confident that we shall be holy because God himself is holy. We are to grow in our walk, our sanctification, and his holiness. As we grow closer and closer to God, we grow more and more sanctified, or set apart, but it is not something we can do alone. Our story and identity should revolve around God, and if that’s the case, we will be able to see snippets of his transformational work. 



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