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To send an email to your Camper at Lake Beauty Bible Camp: 


  1. Log into your Online Registration Account using the login you created to register your camper(s). 

  2. Once there, click on the ‘New Email’ button under One Way Communication (bottom left corner of the screen for desktop computers). 

  3. Check the box next to the camper you wish to email.

  4. Type your email, then click Submit. *Be aware that there is a cutoff time for incoming emails to camp and that emails may not be available certain days of the week. 


To invite others to send an email to your camper: 


  1. Click on the ‘Invite’ tab, then click ‘New Invite.’

  2. Select the camper(s) you would like to have others send emails to. 

  3. Enter in your (the parent’s) first name and last name.

  4. Enter up to 6 email addresses of others you are inviting to email your camper.

  5. Enter in the text you would like to display for the invitees and click Submit.

  6. The invitees will receive a link which they can use to send an email to your camper.

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