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Sam Haverinen

Hometown: Princeton, MN

School: MSUM

Major: Social Work

I love all things music, all things coffee and am a big fan of card games, board games, and video games! If I didn’t live in Fargo, I would love to hike more! I also enjoy hanging out with my cat, Crouton. 


I am so excited to be the female LIT leader this summer, as it was one of the most influential things I ever did as a camper! God is going to move in powerful ways and I cannot wait to be a part of his ministry at camp!

LIT Leader

Hometown: Sartell, MN

School: Boyce College

Major: Biblical & Theological Studies

I enjoy reading, hiking, hunting, talking Star Wars, cheering for MN Vikings and MI Wolverines.

What I am most excited for this summer is to be working alongside so many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. Getting to serve in the shared mission of evangelizing and discipling as many campers as the Lord allows. Also, caramel syrup at breakfast (sometimes lunch and dinner too).

Thor Anderson

Head Cabin Leader

Jackson McFaden

Activities Supervisor

Hometown: Pierz, MN

School: Crown College

Major: Biblical and Theological Studies & Worship Ministry

I thoroughly enjoy disc golf, singing, running, video games, rollerblading, legos, and reading.


This summer I am excited for meeting new people and serving the Lord through camp ministry.

Caleb Kuske

Activities Team

Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

School: Oak Hills

Major: Worship Arts and Biblical Studies

I enjoy creating and listening to music, staying active (especially through running and basketball), fishing, traveling, and hanging out with friends.


I’m excited to see God work in such a fun place like camp, and to spend time and have a blast with all the campers!

John Pearson

Worship Leader

Hometown: Rochester, MN

School: Crown College 

Major: Youth and Social Ministry

I enjoy skiing, running, and being outside in any way. I also love reading and spending time with my friends (bonus points if it includes getting food).


I am very excited to come back for a second summer. From playing night games to singing chapel songs, I can't wait to see how God will work this summer!

Anna Osterlund

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Sartell, MN

School: Bethany Global University

Major: Bible and Theology/ Education in Missions

I love hanging out with friends, swing dancing, going for walks, hiking, and doing anything outside! I also love camping, reading, cooking, and anything that includes ice cream:)


I am so exited to come back and work at camp for another summer! I can't wait to meet some more friends and have a great summer :)

Annika Anderson

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Shakopee, MN 

School: University of Minnesota- Duluth

Major: Mathematics and Spanish Education

During my free time I love spending time with friends, playing guitar, hiking, coaching gymnastics, and going on fun adventures! I am really looking forward to a third summer at LBBC!


I love the community at camp and how everyone really pushes each other to grow closer to God! I am really looking forward to helping campers grow in their relationship with Christ and each other!


Jillian Cote

Waterfront Supervisor
IMG_3779 2.jpeg

Hometown: Brookings, SD 

School: SDSU

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

I love cooking, reading Star Wars, and watching maybe a little more Youtube than I should. I also volunteer quite a bunch at church and in the community.


What I am most excited for this summer is being able to build deeper and hopefully more lasting relationships with campers as a LIT leader!

Noah Mursu

LIT Leader

Hometown: Scandia, MN

School: Crown College

Major: General Studies

In my free time, I absolutely love playing piano, going on hikes, climbing any tall object I can find, and doing things with my friends.


I am so excited to come back for my second year serving at Lake Beauty. I’m most looking forward to spending time with my cabin and all of the chaos we get up to together.

Noah Oliver


Hometown: Grantsburg, Wisconsin

School: Solid Rock

Major: Biblical and Theological Studies

I love just about anything that has to do with music, whether it’s singing, theater/musicals, or even just blasting it in the car. I also love playing games and just overall anything I can do with other people!


I’m most excited to be in the unique community. There is nothing quite like it. No matter who you’re with or what you’re doing, you know that God is working.

Emma Sagle

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Zimmerman, MN

School: University of Mary

Major: Social Work

In my free time I love consuming all types of fiction, anything from Marvel movies to anime! I'm almost constantly listening to music, really anything that catches my ear but mainly alternative rock and J-pop. I also love anything outdoors, whether it's watching sunsets or climbing trees. 


This summer I am most excited just to get to know all the campers I come across! As this will be my 2nd summer here, I loved all of the great conversations I got to have with many of my campers and I am excited for that again!

Evie Fuchs

Activities Team

Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

School: Lubbock Christian University

Major: Youth and Family Ministry

I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Books, crafts and being outside take up a lot of my time. I love to bake and make fun treats for others to eat.

I am so excited to come back for my second summer on staff. I cant wait to meet everyone and reconnect with those from last summer.

Kristyn Katz

Screenshot_20220813-151601_Samsung Internet.jpg
Art Studio Leader

Hometown: Darwin, MN

School: Oak Hills

Major: Youth Ministry

I really like sports, animals and hiking!


This summer I am most excited to grow closer to God and help others know him more!

Cyrus Hanson

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Amery, WI

School: Homeschool

Major: Undecided

I've been a ballet dancer for 10 years, and I've been teaching ballet classes for 3 years. I love all kinds of teaching- from helping out at my church's VBS, to helping my little sisters with their math homework.

I'm super excited to meet tons of people this summer and to seek God with them! I'm excited to study God's word and sing praises to him- and I hope to work alongside the Holy Spirit to instill a passion for God inside of people's hearts. I can't wait to see what He's going to do, and to be a part of it!

Clara Dietrich

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Pierz, MN 

School: Solid Rock 

Major: Biblical Studies

I like music (singing, drums, cajón, guitar), art, reading non-fiction, camping, and traveling. I also love learning about language and culture, especially Latin American culture. I am a big fan of Harry Potter skiing. I dream of learning many languages and being a language teacher.

I am excited to do the work of Christ this Summer and to be the vessel for change in campers lives. I am also excited to meet new campers and make this year the most fun that it can be!

Gunther Dodge

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

School: Oak Hills

Major: Undecided

I love anything active, mostly basketball and running, I also enjoy video games, sports, camping, traveling, legos, and anything music-related.

I am excited to share the Word of God through this camping experience. I am eager to meet all the campers and teach about Jesus.

Carter Carlson

Activities Team

Hometown: Ellsworth, WI

School: Chippewa Valley Technical College

Major: Early Childhood Education

I am super passionate about camp ministry. I enjoy long bike rides, swimming, good food, singing, and painting. Most anything I do, I enjoy most in the outdoors.

I am excited to be a part of so many fun activities this summer. I am excited to get to know our campers and have fun together outside. Most of all, I am excited for the opportunity to minister, and tell young ones about how precious and loved they are in God's eyes.

Brooklyn Gabert

IMG_5570 (2).jpg

Hometown: Worthington, MN

School: University of Minnesota Duluth

Major: Biology

I enjoy singing, making crafts, reading books, and studying infectious diseases! I also adore my cats, Zephyr and Persephone (Percy). :)

I am most excited to hear about all the ways that Jesus is moving in the lives of those working and visiting camp. Every camper that enters Lake Beauty’s grounds has valuable experiences and insight, and I have so much to learn! Super excited to make new friendships and serve Jesus!

Katie O'Donnell

Healthcare Assistant

Hometown: Hawley, MN

School: Crown College

Major: Cross-Cultural Leadership

I enjoy fitness, video games, hitting things with sticks, watching The Office, coffee, and I really love the beach.

This summer I am excited to partner with God and help change lives for Christ. I also am excited to be the best cabin leader I can be!

Billy LaVine-Gunning

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Ogilvie, MN

School: Solid Rock 

Major: Biblical Studies

Some of my favorite things to do is to read or write while drinking coffee, having long conversations with friends while drinking coffee, and going on hikes (preferably with coffee)!

I am so excited to see how God is going to work this summer! I can't wait to meet all the campers and just have an amazing time playing games and worshipping our amazing God!

Ashley Peterson

Kitchen Team

Hometown: Ogilvie, MN

School: St. Cloud Technical and Community College

Major: General Studies

I like to go to the gym, hang out with friends, go on adventures, and drink a LOT of coffee.

This summer I’m excited to help spread the word of God in a fun and uplifting community, and meet new people who are on fire for the Lord!

Ellie Peterson


Hometown: Twin Brooks, SD

School: Solid Rock 

Major: Biblical Studies

I love to play piano, read, learn history, and I enjoy constructing things.

I have so much joy helping out at camp. Seeing people come to camp and have great moments with God and a God-centred community fills me with deep love and joy for camp. I cannot wait to see everyone I am to meet this year.

Henry Pederson

Kitchen Team

Hometown: Osakis, MN

School: Osakis High School

Major: N/A

Some of my favorite things are spending time with family/friends, singing/playing guitar, photography, and camp of course!! I love sunrises/sunsets and being outside in God’s creation!

I am very excited to be back on staff this year! I’m most excited to meet all of the campers this summer and teach them about our incredible God!! I can’t wait to see all that He has in store for this summer! I’m praying for you all and can’t wait to meet you!!

Isabelle Allex


Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

School: North Central Technical College

Major: Early Childhood Education

I really enjoy doing art, reading, and playing games with friends.

This summer I am excited about being at camp again and getting to learn and grow with the kids.

Abby Keller

Kitchen Team

Hometown: Princeton, MN

School: Lake Superior College

Major: Undecided

I love the outdoors! Backpacking and long hikes are my favorite. I also love traveling because you get to experience new things and meet new people.

Im so excited to work with such an amazing group of staff members and make so many funny, crazy, and beautiful memories with them! But I definitely can not wait to see how the Lord impacts the campers through LBBC and the way they are able to grow closer to him!

Amelia Schmidt

Head Cabin Leader

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

School: Bethel University

Major: Biokinetics

I love skiing, soccer and spikeball. I also enjoy lifting and all things on the lake. I'm a big fan of spending time with friends and in God's creation.

I'm so stoked to work at camp again this summer. I love being in such amazing community while serving the Lord together. (Plus watermelon polo is pretty great too)

Luke Ulbricht


Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: Crown College

Major: Youth and Social Ministry

I love reading in my free time, playing card games or board games, and taking walks or hiking. I also enjoy rock climbing and being outdoors. Occasionally, I will paint if I need something relaxing to do. Mostly, I love hanging out with my crazy crew of friends.

I am really excited to see how God leads me this summer and get to learn how to trust and depend on him more. I am looking forward to all the friendships that I will get to make with campers and fellow staff!

Reilly Singfiel

Activities Team

Hometown: Princeton, MN

School: World Race: Gap Year

Major: N/A

I love hiking, paint by numbers, having dance parties in my kitchen, and reading books out on my front porch (gotta work on the chaco tan!) I also watch a lot of Star Wars, The Office, and Gilmore Girls. 

I am so excited to hang out with all of the campers that are going to come! I cannot WAIT to hear all of your stories and be able to learn all about how the Lord is working in your life. I’m also excited to see how we as a staff grow in our relationships as a community and as followers of the One True King!! It’s going to be an amazing summer :)

Audrey Hovis

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

School: Crown College

Major: Psychology

I love to be out in nature, whether that be hiking, making fire, skiing, horseback riding, or fishing. When I can't be outside I like to draw, play video games, and watch movies.

I am really excited to see where and how God will use me this summer. Im so excited to have the opportunity to mentor campers through their walk with God and through life in general. I look forward to the new faces I will see this summer as well as the returning ones!

Josh Johnson

Cabin Leader

Hometown: Dalbo, MN

School: N/A

Major: N/A

I enjoy hanging out with my friends, ping pong, and Smash Bros Ultimate.

I’m so excited for God to use myself and others to pour into the lives of these kids. Whether we’re on the frontlines telling them about Jesus or we’re in the background clearing away anything that could distract campers from the cross, each staff member gets to do something amazing this summer and I am incredibly excited for that.

Josh Miller

Kitchen Team
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