Position: LIT/Jr Staff Leader

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Home Church: Roseville Covenant Church

School: Bethel University

Major: Psychology

Hey friends, I'm so excited to be coming back to camp this summer! Some of my favorite things include singing and playing guitar, dance parties, going on any kind of outdoor adventure and spending time with people, both old friends and new friends. I am very passionate about what it means to be the body of Christ and live in community together. I'm also a bit of a nerd when it comes to learning about people (hence the psychology major), so getting to know each of you who will be at camp is one of the things I'm most excited for. See you all soon!



PositionCabin Leader

HometownNew London, MN

Home ChurchNew London Evangelical Covenant Church

SchoolUniversity of Northwestern - St. Paul

MajorElementary Education

Hello! Some of my best memories are from the years I've spent at Lake Beauty, and I can't wait to be out there again this summer. I'm currently in my first year of college at the University of Northwestern, and when I'm not studying, I love going on adventures with friends, cooking up meals and treats with my roommates, and reading. I'm eagerly looking forward to everything God has in store for this summer!




Position: Food Service

Hometown: Boise, ID

Home ChurchFaith Community Bible Church

SchoolBethel University

MajorSocial Work and Psychology

I am the shortest and youngest in my family. What I don't have in height I make up with sarcasm. I have been blessed to travel and live all around the United States which has influenced my love for travel and adventure. I love spending time with people, but I also like to be by myself and listen to music or watch a TV show. I absolutely love camp and cannot wait to be there for the entire Summer.




Position: Worship Leader

Hometown: Princeton, MN

Home Church: Karmel Covenant Church

School: Solid Rock School of Discipleship

Major: Biblical Studies

I love so many things: games, people, movies, and so much more. I enjoy music and playing any instrument I can, even if I am really bad at it. I find joy in learning new things, especially things about the Bible, God, and theology.




Position: Male Cabin Leader

Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

Home Church: United Covenant Church

School: Oak Hills Christian College

Major: AA in General Studies

I like to spend quality time with friends and family, any outdoor activity, playing my guitar, and running. I love to worship and have deep conversations about God.




Position: Maintenance Team

Hometown: Big Lake, MN

Home Church: Karmel Covenant Church

School: Homeschool

Major: Undecided

My hobbies and interests are hanging out with my friends from church, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and trying to learn the guitar.




Position: Wrangler

Hometown: Winthrop, MN

Home Church: Winthrop Evangelical Covenant Church

School: Minnesota New Country School High School

Major: Biblical and Theological Studies

I love farm life/work and mission trips. I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids. I am the Awana commander at my church, and it is one of my favorite jobs.
Fun fact: These are two of my favorite cows that I have raised from birth, the red one (Rosalinda) is the Mom, and the black one (Elizabeth) is her daughter.




Position: Lifeguard

Hometown: Deer Park, WI

Home Church: United Covenant Church

School: Oak Hills Christian College

Major: Christian Ministry

I love to go swimming, horseback riding, and snowshoeing. Recently I've been slowly teaching myself guitar. One time this past fall I was in a car going back to my college campus from town, and my friend hit a deer. She started screaming, but not me. I stayed true to my Midwestern self and simply said "ope". That's when you know that you truly are from the Midwest.




Position: Wrangler

Hometown: Milbank, SD

Home Church: Countryside Covenant Church

School: South Dakota State University

Major: Animal Science

I really love hanging out with my friends, photography, working with animals, and volunteering in my church, and

I'm super excited to be able to spend this next summer

out at Lake Beauty.



Position: Activities Team

Hometown: Clear Lake, WI

Home Church: United Covenant Church

School: Clear Lake High School

Major: N/A

Hello! I enjoy exploring God’s creation and any outdoor adventure, trying new things, and going for walks & runs. I also love worshipping with friends and spending time with my family. I’m excited to work at camp this summer to serve God and share His love with campers. This fall I’m planning on moving to WA state to do an internship in Wilderness Ministry and continue to be God’s hands and feet.


PositionHealth Assistant

Hometown: Mankato, MN

Home Church: Crossview Covenant Church

School: Bethel University


My favorite days include spending quality time with friends, going on adventures, playing lots of games, or snuggling with a furry friend!
I can't wait to spend time doing the things I love this summer: worshipping Jesus, caring for God's children, laughing, and making memories!




PositionActivities Team

Hometown: Dalbo, MN

Home Church: Karmel Covenant Church

School: Solid Rock School of Discipleship

MajorBiblical Studies

I like ping pong and mashed potatoes. I also enjoy camp a lot. It’s always such a great time at camp, and I really enjoy getting to hang out with my friends. I love serving others in a camp setting. It’s pretty epic.




PositionCabin Leader

Hometown: Glencoe, MN

Home Church: Buffalo Creek Community Church

School: Solid Rock School of Discipleship

MajorBiblical Studies

I love spending time with family and friends! I enjoy being outdoors hammocking, camping and having campfires. I also love pets, crafts, playing games and Lake Beauty. I am so excited to serve at camp this year!




PositionArt Studio Leader

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Home Church: Crossroads Church

School: Solid Rock School of Discipleship


I like to see, fold origami, make friendship bracelets, and all kinds of crafts. I LOVE camp and all the activities that we get to do here. I am looking forward to teaching kids arts and crafts and about God!



2020-05-05 10.07.16 1.a.jpg

PositionCabin Leader

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Home Church: First Covenant Church Anchorage

School: Canadian Mennonite University

MajorInternational Development Studies

I love art and one of my biggest hobbies is thrifting and then altering the clothing in some way to fit my individual style. I'm really into antique and vintage jewelry, I spend a good bit of my time researching different eras. One time I got a little bit lost in London on a school trip because I kept wandering into different markets and antique boutiques. My teacher did not appreciate it too much but it makes for a good story now!



PositionActivities Team

Hometown: Worthington, MN

Home Church: Living Waters Covenant Church

School: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Major: Mechanical Engineering

I enjoy watching movies that have developed stories and substantial plot, such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to name a few. I enjoy reading books, especially ones about life and the many adventures that people go through. I love hiking, going for long walks, and generally talking to people. One of my favorite hobbies is coin collecting.




PositionCabin Leader

Hometown: Milbank, SD

Home Church: Valley Baptist

School: South Dakota State University

Major: Agricultural Education

I enjoy racquetball, old trucks, Marvel, and spending time with friends and others. A fun story of mine is when I got stranded in Indianapolis for a day after an FFA event.




PositionActivities Team

Hometown: Amery, WI

Home Church: United Covenant Church

School: Oak Hills Christian College

Major: Biblical Studies

I love being outside and hanging out with my family! Being blessed to have a big family that loves the outdoors is always a blast and there are always many stories stored in memories. Other interests include baking, reading, and music!



Ashley P.jpeg


Hometown: Ogilvie, MN

Home Church: Quamba Baptist Church

School: Pine Technical and Community College

Major: American Sign Language

I love spending time with friends and having deep conversations. I also enjoy having friendly debates with people. I love traveling and have spent most of my life doing it. One of my favorite sports is reading. I love discussions about the Bible and how God is working in your life. I also love to laugh! So please feel free to share your best jokes!




PositionSummer Staff

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Home Church: Crossroads Covenant Church

School: Solid Rock School of Discipleship

Major: Biblical Studies

My favorite thing is spending time with my friends. Sometimes that means playing active games, tubing (both water and snow), or just being outside. Other times that looks more like sitting and having deep discussion, reading a book, putting together a puzzle, hammocking, or just quietly enjoying each other’s company. I love my people and being with them makes me more happy than almost anything.




Position: Cabin Leader

Hometown: Grandy

Home Church: Karmel Covenant

School: Cambridge Isasnti High School

I really enjoy sports like soccer or softball, I'm big into woodworking and building things I recently have been big into gardening and plants.




Position: Cabin Leader

Hometown: Ogilvie, MN

Home Church: Quamba Baptist Church

School: St. Cloud State University

Major: English

Greetings! Some of my interests include (but are not limited to) being outdoors, reading/writing fiction, drawing, and telling jokes. I have a passion for Christ and enjoy sharing the message of the Gospel with others. God is (and will continue to be) at work, and I am excited to be a part of it!



Camille Johnson.PNG

Position: Waterfront Supervisor

Hometown: Alexandria, MN

Home Church: Alexandria Covenant Church

School: North Dakota State University

Major: Exercise Science

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be at Lake Beauty this summer. I love being outside, being active, and I love everything about the lake. A few of my favorite things include Jesus, spikball, waterskiing, running, and ice cream. I am very excited for what God is going to do at camp this summer!



Sadie S.PNG

Position: Kitchen Team

Hometown: Little Falls, MN

Home Church: Grace Covenant Church

School: Central Lakes Collage - Brainerd

Major: Graphic Design

I love Jesus, music, cartoons, movies, videogames, camping, kayaking, food, and soo many things. This will be my tenth year at camp, but my first time being staff. I get to see things from a whole new perspective! I'm looking forward to a great year at camp!